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binance.com is probably one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges out there binance.com has also shut his doors to u.s residents however your boy me created a video showing you guys how you can still use binance.com as a us resident and get access to all the fantastic crypto currencies that are available on binance.comuse the link in the description to get access to that video as well as everything we discussin this video but this video is more soabout the mandala exchange the mandala exchange has just about every cryptocurrency that binance has plus the volumes are fantastic because they are using binance cloud to help provide liquidity and volume for theirplatform the fees are also amazingly low and i amassured by mandala that they don't really care if you are using the exchange as a us residentas long as you use the sign up methods that i'm about to show you in this video right here so let's get started step one use the link below in the description to sign up for nordvpn nordvpn has proven to be one of the most reliable and fastest vpns i have used you can also try expressvpn which you can find the link for in the description below as well however i do prefer to use nordvpn aftertesting both vpns for some time it just seems to be the most stable andi like how the plugin works independently from the main appstep 2 we're going to either use the brain browser microsoft edge or chrome to create ourselves a mandala app which will automatically keep us signed into nordvpn with a spain or german ipaddress which of the three browsers you should choose depends on which browser you useon a day-to-day basis so if you use chrome every day then you should choose either brave or microsoft edge as the browser for the mandala setup now would be a good time for me to mention if i have not done so alreadythat mandala has a policy where they donot allow u.s residents to use their exchangehowever they did reassure me that if someone decided to use a mandala exchange from a vpn such as a newer vpnyou should have no issues many usershave also reported that they have accidentally logged into mandala with their vpn turned off they saw a message that said something like you're logged into our exchange from a us ip address and we do not allow u.s residents to use our exchange blah blah blah they simply turned theirvpn on the message went away and they proceeded to trade as normal with noissues so mandala may be a little more forgiving to mistakes than binance would be just something to keep in mind but in this video i'm going to show you how to set up mandala as an app and not have to worry about making the mistake of logging in with your vpn turned off orset to the united states step 3 let's install the nordvpn plugin onto our microsoft edge browser the reason i chose to use microsoft edge is because most of you guys are probably already using braver chrome as your main browserand the procedure for setting things up with edge is a little different than itis with braver chrome but we can quickly go over all three browser setups so let's get started so you should be on nordvpn's website where you've already signed up for norvpn so go to the home page vpn apps that's where we're going to go right there and we are going to install the chrome extensionso we're going to click chrome and then we want to hit add to chrome but i've already done so on the microsoft edge browser so let me show you what you have to do because the procedure is the same for microsoft edge to install the chrome extension as it is for chrome or brave yeah microsoft edge and chrome and brave they have the same procedure for installing chrome extensions they're allall three those browsers are chromebased browsers obviously the chromebrowser is based on chrome because it ischromebut let's go to the um let's go tochromebecause i did not installwell i can i can uninstall it and thenreinstall it just show you guys how it'sdoneall right so we are on chrome nowlet's go back let's go backall right so this is where we areadd the chrome i've already installed itso let's uninstall itokay so we're going to add the chromeit'll take you to this page let me gofull screen and show you the entirescreen because you're not going to beable to see the pop-ups that will happenwhen i do the um installation now youshould be able to see everythingokay so then click add to chrome youshould see a pop-upthen you just hit add extensionand it's going to do its thing overthere andthat's what it says nor vpn number onechrome extensionget a vpn um get a vpn has been added tochromeuse this extension by clicking on theicon manager extensions by clicking theextensionsin the tools menu okay so close that upwe are going to hit this you want to pinitif it hasn't already pinned i don't knowwhy i didn't pin but anywaythen you just want to simply log in andthen change your destination we'llchange your server tospain and we've already logged inon this one here so you can see we areconnected to spainif you are not connected to spain and itprobably automatically connects youit probably automatically connects youto um a us serveryou can simply click there and searchfor whatever country you wantand then you can connect to that serverby just clicking on it it's real simpleyou know you got quite a few selectionshereyou can search and you can see spain isright there and it says that i'mconnected to spainso now that we haveour north vpn extension installed youcan see i have express vpn installed aswell express works good but i like nordbetter becausenord seems to work independent of theapp so when you have the nord vpnextension on one browser you can have itset to spain on one browser say thebrave browser you can have it set tospainand you can have it set to maybe germanyor microsoft edgeand you can have it set to united statesor maybe your chrome browser you know soindependent operations one browser tothe next browserversus the way expressvpn seems to workwhere if you install expressvpn you haveto have the app installed on yourcomputerand i believe from what i've seen so fari don't know ifit's something that i'm doing wrong butwhen i use expressvpn it changes the umip address for the entire computer soeveryall internet traffic is seems to begoing through expressvpn withthe extension unlike nordvpn i can justchange it to browser traffic so whatevertraffic is going through the browserwill be you know whatever server i haveit set to if i have it set toyou get the idea so let's move on allright so now we're going to set up anappall right so we're on edge and we haveour extension installed right thereor oh you can't see my mouse yeah thatmeans and we haveour newer vpn extension installed so nowwe are going to go tothe mandala exchange and the link willbe down below in the descriptionbe sure to click the link down below inthe description because you will get adiscount on your trading fees if you usethe link down belowin the description so make sure you guystake advantage of thatdiscount on your trading fees for themandala exchangeand their fees are already pretty low soi mean with the discount it works outgreat so use the link down below in thedescription and it should take you tothis page hereso when you click the link in thedescription it should take you to thispage right heretells you a little bit about theexchange told you that they have anapp their roadmap trade anywhere that'stheir appand um that's thatnow i don't know i've never used the appon my phone to tradebut being that mandala doesn't reallycare if you are a us resident and usingtheir exchangewith a vpn you can probably use theirapp on your phone as long as you havethe nord vpn turned on on your phone orvpn turned on on your phone set toeither spain or germany or whatever sothere is that but i wouldn't take thatrisk with financeusing the instructions for um setting upfinance as a us resident or usingbinance.com as a us residentlink will be down below in thedescription for that one so make sureyou check that video out as well if youneed to use binance binance is also afantastic optionbut um mandala has pretty much the sameexact cryptocurrencieson their exchange that binance does socheck out mandala and um yeah sodon't do that with binance don't use theapp with binance because they may not beas forgiving as mandala isjust use binance.com on your computerdon't do thatwith the app because they may have a wayof finding out that you're not in the usthrough some back channel way with youknow like android or ios ori don't know how that really functionsso i'm not going to tell you anyinstructions on that onebut this is where you'll end upand um what you'll want to do isregister you are already logged in rightwith spain so you're going to registeri'm already registered so it won't letme register againand you can see that i am not verifieddon't verify don't do any idv anyidentification verificationright any id verificationbut since i'm already ready since i amalready registered let's go to theregistration process again because thesevideos need to be umi want to get a little bit in detailso we are going to switch tothis browser here we're going to switchto chromewe are going to go to mandala exchangeon chromeand we are going to register i'm goingto skip over this part because i don'twant i meanyou see what they asked you to put inokay this is what they're asking you toput input the information in i want to skipover this part because you don't need tobe seeing my email addressall right so once you've filled out thatinformation with your email address yournew passwordand my referral code leave my referralcode in there so you can get thatdiscountwe are going to go aheadand oh i never even logged in on my vpnsee how forgiving they are i didn't evenlog inokay so we are logged in with the vpni already messed up see this is why youneed to follow the steps in this videobecause it will keep you from making thesame mistakesall right so once you have um finishyour sign up or you're not completelyfinished you're not completely finishedwith the signup processyou do have to verify your email addressso login to the email address that youuseand enter the verification code and iwill do that on myphoneoh duh 21 7 successall right now once we are logged inum now we can create our app so we haveour vpn turned onwe haven't set the span and are we onedgenow we are on chrome i said that i wouldshow you guys how to do it withchrome so i mean i showed i said thatwell let'si'm gonna show you how to do it with allthree of them okay so let's start withchromehow to make this into an app with chromeyou want to click here we want to makesure you logged in before you create theappotherwise when you start using if you'renot logged in when you create the appit's going to start opening up multiplewindows when you click on the app see ihave the app right ohyou can't even see itsee i have the app right there that isset up for microsoft edge right thereso when i click that and i can show youit opens up under microsoft edge and youcan see two different accountssee let's move that over so you can seeitgot that account there not verified andnot that account right there nothingverifiednot verified neither one of the accountsoh neither one of the accounts areverifiedboom boom all rightso let's close that back upthat was that now can you see everythingall right let's keep it like this youcan see everythingclick there more toolscreate shortcut click itand you can name that whatever you wantwe'll name it mandaladollar two because i already have itand then we want to make sure that thistab is this check box is checkedopen as window then you hit createand it's going to open up a new windowlet's make it so you guys can seelet's drink this down a little bit soyou can see what i'm doingokay that's a little betternow we got our new window opened up andyou can see it right therechrome and it has whatever you're loggedin as on your chromeum whatever username you havelogged in on your chrome it should showa little icon right thereand what you want to do is right clickitand pin it to your taskbar now you havethe app created so every time you log inall you have to do is just click thatit'll open up the window and you can getstartedright away and it should automaticallyactually it should allit should actually automatically log youright insee i'm already logged in so let's giveit a try and close thatand we are going to click that boomopened it up automatically logged in andwe are automatically logged into thecorrect accountyou can even have multiple mandelaaccountswith multiple different apps as you seeright here if i click this oneoh it said my sign in token expiredoh i gotta hide thatand you can see i'm logged in with twodifferent accounts occasionallyoccasionally you will have to log inagain it's not perfectbut it does work see now i got two ofthem open two different ip addresseswell that's still in spain they're bothset to spain but the ip addresses arenot the sameso let's close that up and we are goingto close that one upnow all right so that step is donei showed you how to create the mandalaappwith that's mandala 2and that is just mandala so we'll openit up again just to show youthis is what browser is this this ischromesee got my little login badge rightthereand i'm logged in all right so let'sclose that up let me unpin it because idon't want to keep that therebeing that i've already got that one setup for microsoft edge and i'm okay withthat one i don't need to have twoaccounts i do have two accounts nowwhich is fantastic butyou know now you may have to set up twofactor authentication to do withdrawalsdo not do the phone number verificationjust do just set up your two factorauthenticationand that should be more than enough toallow you to withdraw to an externalwallet after you've signed up withmandala exchange okayall right so now that we have themandala app set up for chromeor i just showed you how to set up themandala app for chrome let's go aheadand show you guys how to do it on braveall right so now we're setting up the umthe app right let's get back to businesssetting up the app so we're going to gohere and it's the same procedure as withchromemore tools create shortcutclick it open as a windowand dollar threecreate then you get your window thatpops up right hereand you will pin to taskbarand it is pinned to the taskbar so wecan close it and test it outboom it pops up it opens up just as weexpectand you click there oh no you wouldn'tclick there where would you clickoh you'll click thereto have your um just to verify thatyou're connected to the vpn but i didn'tturn the vpn on this is just to show youexactly how to set up the umbut you should if you're going to usebrave as your app make sure you haveyour vpn turned on and logged in and setto spain or germanybut i didn't do that because i'm justshowing you how to set up the app forthis one because you already know how toset up the vpnwe've already done that we've alreadygone over the steps on setting up thevpnbut now we have our app set up easypeasy we can test it againsee easy peasy limit squeezy all rightnow we're gonna close thatup and we're gonna unpin that becausei've already got it set up right therethe next one is microsoft edge so thisis the microsoft edgethis one is a little different thanbrave and chrome so we want to go hereapps instead of more toolsand creating a shortcut which doesn'texist one microsoft hedge for somereason they decide to modify the menu alittle bit and change it upit's essentially chrome browser but theydecided to change things up a little bitfor what reason i don'tknowanyway so we're gonna go to appssee these are all the apps that i havepinnedit's kind of a cleaner setup that theyhave herebut you knowand being that i already have themandela app set upwe are going to do something differentwe're going to pinnow you you guys are going to be pinningtrade.mandala.exchange to sign inscreen that's what you're going to bepinning when you're creating the appusing the microsoft edgebrowser but for the sake of this videowe are going to append we want to makean app forlet's see what after we want to make andwe'll create our app for geminiall right so we're going to go there andwe're going to go to apps and we aregoing tomanage apps install this site installthis site as an app that's what we wantto doclick it we're going to get that pop-upand then we're going to label it what wewant to label it we want to label itgemiini because that seems to be umokay i like that and we want to hitinstallnow we get our pop-upsame thingpin to taskbarsee works the same way appended totaskbar we have our pop-upwe are connected to spainand we have our app for gemini let'stest it outand it works as we expect it to workwe don't have to worry about our vpnbecause it's already connected and isalready selectingthe um spain server because that's whatwe want to be connected toso we can close that up and it'sdifferent with deleting appsusing um microsoft edge as well youwould go to the same menugo to your apps and then you wouldoh i didn't want to click it how do wedo that againoh manage apps go to apps manage appsand you would delete it from there sowe're going to delete that onealso clear data from microsoft edgegemiini.com sure we can do thatlet's remove it all right so that's donesee it got rid of it right there fromour um taskbarit's gone so that's the main differencebetween using the microsoft edge browserversus brave versus brave or chromejust a little bit different procedurebut the result is the samenow i think we are doneso that concludes this tutorialhopefully you found this informationhelpful and if you did please helpsupport my efforts by sharing this videohitting the like button and subscribingbe sure to ignore the people in thecomments that are pretending to be mei will not offer my phone number orwhatsapp info in the comments sectionso if you see such 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